Here's How It Works

The top 4 Questions That All My Clients ask are:

  • What should I keep?       

  • What should I give away?                                                                                                                            

  • Is there a way to see everything I have at one time?                                                                         

  •  How do I put everything back in its place for the next time?

Before I help you arrive at a solution to those answers, I’ll address the emotions that arise when looking at your closet.  We’ll touch on what pieces bring a sense of euphoria, comfort, peace, joy, pain, and much more.  I’ll also need your honest input when I ask how do you feel when you look in your closet?  Do you make a mess after you get dressed?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to get organize?  Would you consider donating and giving this away?

If any of the above sounds like you and you're looking for someone to organize the emotional clutter attached to your wardrobe clutter, then having your closet organized is for you.

Your closet is your personal space and I will always respect you and your wardrobe when conducting a closet evaluation.  During this time, I’ll also categorize your wardrobe and will organize your closet so that you know how much clothing you own and what other fashion pieces are needed to provide a most effective wardrobe.

After the initial closet consult, I’ll return on the date and time agreed upon to organize your wardrobe for smoother and easy access to everything you own. In this phase, I’ll also advise what to keep, sell, donate, or simply throw away.  Lastly, the organization and physical audit will take place leaving your wardrobe properly organized and sorted out for your everyday clothing needs.

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