This popular service provides a complete wardrobe rehab that includes a Personal Style Evaluation, Closet Evaluation, Body Type Evaluation, and Shopping\Wardrobe Evaluation tailored to transforming women and getting them excited about getting dressed.

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Here's How It Works

  • Are you at a stage where you are struggling to find your style identity?
  • Do you feel like you have a closet full of clothes that don't necessarily make you look great, feel good, or exude confidence?
  • Is it difficult to make time for shopping due to your busy schedule?
  • Would you like to an expert style educator help you identify your personal style and look like a million bucks on a budget?Then my make-me-over service is just for you!

Here's how it works-

  1. During your in home consultation I'll learn more about your current style needs, lifestyle , and budget. Next we'll assess your wardrobe, working together to decide what to keep, what need alterations, what to donate, and what to acquire. At the end of our first consult I will remove all clothing you've decided to remove from your wardrobe and donate it for you. One less thing for you to worry about.
  2. Based of the budget and needs discussed, I will pre-shop for you. Once the shopping trip is over I will come back to your home to do a fitting. During the fitting I will blend your new wardrobe items with your old favorites and style each look perfectly.   

By the end of your Make-Me-Over session, you will have:

  • A complete style transformation
  • Your own signature style
  • Proper education on making smarter clothing choices
  • Better time and money saving shopping habits
  • A clean and organized closet for easier efficient days filled with comfortable clothing, shoes and accessories that make you feel great, look amazing, and confident.
  • A  easy to use wardrobe guide to help you recreate your looks.

  Ready to create a wardrobe you love? Let's get started.