I want to work with you! How do I get started? Simply view the styling package and/or service you want under the "work with me" tab. Once you've done that click the "book now" button, fill out the questionnaire, and submit it. I will follow up with you to set up a date and time for the services to start. Once we have agreed-ed on a date you'll be sent a contract that requires your signature, date, and payment for services. 

What is the purpose of having a Introductory Style Session?  The purpose of having a introductory style session is for me to explain my styling process, answer any questions you have about my service, and to schedule an actual service. It's also a great way for us to determine if we are a great fit to work with one another. 

What is the difference between working with you vs. working with a in-store stylist?  A department store stylist/shopper has been trained to sell to you in order for them to earn a commission. They have no idea what items really work best for you because they are paid based of what you buy. So you could be buying a dress that doesn't flatter your body but because the commission they will earn from this purchase is beneficial to them they will convince you to get it. When you work with me we develop a 1-on-1 relationship. I take the time to understand your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, body-type, and more. My goal is to service you properly and be loyal to your needs. 

Are my clothes included in any of the styling packages? No. All clothing fees are separate from my styling service fee. My styling packages are a set fee while your clothing budget will be discussed during our consultation. 

Why do you charge a flat-rate instead of an hourly-rate? Charging an hourly rate is impossible because of all the work behind the scenes like research, planning, etc. once you hire me as your stylist. It's more beneficial to you and here's an example. Let's say I quote you for 20 hours of work: 5 hours for your closet clean out, another 10 hours for shopping, and then another 3 hours for your fitting, and another 2 hours for return but during this process somewhere we go over then I have to increase the original quote. It's not about the time it's more about the end result.

Will you need to come to my home? Absolutely. After our initial phone consulation and we decide to work together all of my services start off with an in-home consultation so that I can view your current wardrobe to get an idea of where are and create a game plan on moving forward. It's important for me to see what you currently own so I can understand how to better service you. 

Is there a fee for the consultation? Yes there is a fee. 

How do I know that I won't look like and/or dress like any of your other clients? I recognized that no two clients are the same. Your lifestyle, age, hobbies, among-st  other things make you different and unique alone. So your style will never be duplicated and I you won't dress like me either. All of my clients style is developed according to the individual. 

Do you provide make-up or hair styling services? No. But I have a network of other beauty professionals that I work closely with to provide your hair and make-up needs. 

If you have a question and it's not listed above, reach out to me. I'm here to help you send your question to: Info@valenciaholland.com or schedule your complimentary Style session here.