…. And then there was Diego followed by Leon Dash Media, Aquila Style magazine, SBFW FASHION show and of course mom.

Hi!  My name is Valencia Holland and I’m The Style Educator and Founder of Valencia Holland Enterprise, LLC specializing in personal styling and image consulting for everyday women.  As you continue to read on, you’ll find out more about me along with the significance of everyone mentioned in the first line. 

Some of you can relate to having a child, or a sibling, that's just like you or a parent and yet has some traits unlike everyone else in the family.  My mom had the same experience whenever I wore my worn-down jeans and tees to school every day.  The same way I brought a surprise to her, is the same way my son, Diego brought a surprise to me.  His arrival turned me onto the life I didn’t know I always wanted.  During my pregnancy, Mom decided it was time to have a talk with me about doing something that would represent our family legacy.  Simply put, it was time to dress up to the challenge of motherhood, adulthood, and corporate all in one.

Once I traded my Chucks for designer heels and my t-shirts for stylish blouses, and jeans for tailored slacks, I started to love the very thing I hated as a child.  Not only did I love the way I looked, but people of all backgrounds and high-powered statuses did too!  Combine my new-found love along with the thrill of the right response and it was inevitable that I’d develop an obsession for making everyone feel better with my style techniques.  When you look good, you’ll feel even better and when you look like purpose, you’ll attract everything you need to accomplish it!

Style is powerful.  It says so much without uttering a word at all.  It can turn heads, cause stares, raise eyebrows, and even evoke gasps from anyone it can reach with just a glance, but my favorite response is the command for respect.  The experience of everyone giving you their undivided attention for the sake of your next move, your next speech, your next presentation, and last but not least, your next big deal is unprecedented.  If you’re ready to create or enhance your platform with a single ensemble, closet organization, a personal make-ME-over, or a VIP Style Takeover, finish perusing through my site while knowing that I’d love to be your partner in this journey with a Style session.

My expertise has been proven and awarded by various clientele, including the modeling agency Leon Dash Media and Aquila Style magazine along with artist Amanda Holley, Delux Magazine, GMI Clothing Commercials, and one of my favorite organizations, Project Hope CT which donates prom attire to underprivileged girls.  I’ve also had the opportunity to be an Assistant Stylist for Levi’s, Fuzion Magazine, and Team Swerve with the use of my education in fashion styling from New York City’s School of Style and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration & Management from Colorado Technical University.